Carpet Cleaning Hull

Carpet Cleaning Hull

PK Cleaning Services, are professional domestic and industrial carpet cleaners covering  Hull and East Yorkshire. Our professional Cleaning technicians are highly trained and accustomed to the cleaning requirements of our residential and commercial clients. By using the best industrial carpet cleaners and cleaning products PK Carpet Cleaning Services can reduce the need to replace carpets following a general build up of dirt or in the event of an accident.

PK Cleaning use a deodoriser that will eliminate the odour of smoke, pets and residue from carpets. The use of a sanitizer is helpful in the elimination of any bacteria and their odour e.g. after a pet has fouled the carpet or contaminated water has gone on the carpet.

We also offer a protection to the carpet so that spills can be blotted away more easily, soiling is kept at bay for longer. The protector addresses any hygiene problems from mold and mildew fungi and has the additional benefit of the safe control of certain harmful bacteria and germs.

PK Cleaning Services has over 20 Years carpet cleaning experience, please contact us on T:01482 506386 to see how we can help.

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