Fire and Flood Restoration

PK Cleaning Services offer a complete Fire and Flood Restoration service should your home or business become a victim of fire or flood damage


& Flood

PK Cleaning Services offer a complete cleaning and restoration service should your home or business become a victim of fire or flood damage
Please contact us on T:01482 506386 and a member of our support team will be on hand to help guide you through the process. With over 20 years cleaning experience we know the effects fire and flood damage can have on personal lives and businesses. We will work with you to ensure you can get your home or business back on track with the least hassle possible.
For more information about our fire & flood restoration services please contact PK Cleaning on T: 01482 506386 or M: 07753986684

Fire and Flood Restoration Key steps

  • Sanitising - disinfecting and sanitising ensures a safe environment in which the restoration process can commence.
  • Pumping Out and Water Extraction - the physical removal of as much water as possible significantly reduces restoration time. Prompt action can save materials and reduce costs.
  • Cleaning - many items are superficially damaged. Buildings and contents, including carpets and soft furnishings,can be cleaned,dried,deodorised and restored to pre-incident condition.
  • Removals & Storage - removing unaffected items into a safe and controlled environment prevents further damage occurring. Affected items are removed for controlled disposal or drying, cleaning and storage.
  • Monitoring and Control - regular readings, using accurate instruments, monitor progress and allow for adjustments to be made if necessary.This enables us to control the environment to achieve the minimum drying time without damaging fixtures and fittings.
  • Stripping out - minor stripping out can be undertaken, i.e. to provide continuity of service and minimise delays, rather than waiting for a builder to fit the job into their schedule.
  • Controlled Drying - our expertise in understanding the drying characteristics of materials means that drying is undertaken using a wide range of equipment and the most appropriate methods. This reduces drying time and any subsequent restoration costs by up to 70%.
  • Odour Control/Treatment - the hazards from smoke, mold,fungi, bacteria and damp can all be dealt with quickly and effectively.These processes produce a safe environment and protect against future problems such as reappearance of mould and any potential future hazards to health.
  • Communication - liaising with other contractors in order to provide continuity of service for policy holders.
  • Decontamination of Smoke/Fire Damaged Properties - effectively removing smoke residues to prevent re occurrence of smoke odours.
  • Fire Damage Restoration - to buildings and contents. Restoring rather than replacing, where cost effective to do so, reduces claims costs.

PK Cleaning offer a complete fire and flood restoration service at a competitive price, contact us on T: 01482 506386 for a FREE no obligation quote.

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